I’m so stoked and there’s still tomorrow.

When weekends arrive its back out in the field, with a little time for dinner and drinking coffee in country pubs combating field guides and bird call recordings- we repeat over and over. Spending 5 days out on the reserves, then another 2 in the field its hard to break away from what is my… Continue reading I’m so stoked and there’s still tomorrow.


874 acres and a thought to the coppice cutter

Last weekend I drove for two hours through thunder, breaks of showers and blue skies, I¬†trekked through 874 acres of woodland to find a glade, some sun and photograph the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary¬†as it basked among Bugle in the deciduous woodland clearing. I felt a sense of gratitude for the coppice cutters who work tirelessly… Continue reading 874 acres and a thought to the coppice cutter