I’m so stoked and there’s still tomorrow.

When weekends arrive its back out in the field, with a little time for dinner and drinking coffee in country pubs combating field guides and bird call recordings- we repeat over and over. Spending 5 days out on the reserves, then another 2 in the field its hard to break away from what is my… Continue reading I’m so stoked and there’s still tomorrow.


True Bugs 

I had absolutely no idea what this was when it was spotted resting/ sucking the juices of Bracken in East Blean woods. The Centrotus cornutus is put simply a horned treehopper and is one of only two tree-bopping species living in Britain. Belonging to the Membracidae family it is characterized by the 'Pronotum'* extending back… Continue reading True Bugs 

human kingdoms

​In the Summer of 2016 I stayed with an encamped woodland community that sits among Larch, Pine and native deciduous trees...some of the largest Ash trees I have ever encountered. In recent years of my life I have been in search for change, in search for areas of the Earth that have not been orphaned, disconnected… Continue reading human kingdoms