wet grassland and the lowlands

Just 30cm from the water table grasses, sedges and rushes grow through rich soils. I was amazed by how the flora changed as we moved though drying soils, then again as we walked over wetter parcels. I felt a fondness to Carex Distans, in my own sensitivity more commonly known as Distant Sedge. I found… Continue reading wet grassland and the lowlands


Butterfly Transect

It was a record day with Skippers today on my butterfly transect, a pleasent walk counted over 170 in 10 sections recording my first ever Essex Skipper as well as my first (slightly) more common Gatekeeper. A common blue was still holding on, tethered, rugged and discoloured. Marbled Whites flushed out from the folliage in… Continue reading Butterfly Transect