the inner

Wade Marshes walking East took us through rows of arable fields, straddled over ditches, bypassing reservoirs and streams it uncovered a stunning mixture of wildlife. I was curious as I followed the perimeter of the cornfield why it faded from Gold to Green…is this something to do with the fertilizer┬áreaching these areas and thus speeding … Continue reading the inner

Butterfly Transect

It was a record day with Skippers today on my butterfly transect, a pleasent walk counted over 170 in 10 sections recording my first ever Essex Skipper as well as my first (slightly) more common Gatekeeper. A common blue was still holding on, tethered, rugged and discoloured. Marbled Whites flushed out from the folliage in … Continue reading Butterfly Transect

Taking it all in

There has been an obscure transparency filling the days in the last few weeks, seasons are moving and I am trying to fit them into some linear system of colour nomenclature. Brown soon blossomed white flurries, yellows turn over and over in every shade and now every colour. Muted purples at dusk, summer plumage, static … Continue reading Taking it all in

Ophrys apifera

Went on a little weekend day excursion to photograph this beautiful orchid The Bee Orchid is quite obviously named after the insect it mimics and will attract male bees with its disguise. As the curious male bee pays his visit the disguised orchide is pollinated! A very scheming promise of love! A merit for the … Continue reading Ophrys apifera