I took a walk in July where the land was flat and thirsty, where corn fields eeked over onto the horizon and I followed a single path right through it. I was in a space far far from the clamour of the city, electric pylons hung balefully to their neighbour and petered off into no-where-… Continue reading R E W I L D


come together

ly I feel a little apprehensive using the term naturalist, however heavily I may emphasise that I am but an amateur. There's no real need to put label to it, to define a term that is so broad and to underline my interests that are forever growing and changing. I am and overwhelmingly so in… Continue reading come together

Four stages in the sunflower fields, ten seconds manic, then calm.

On tip toes, blossoming, reaching up, stretching. Feet flexed, running, not charging. limb increasing, growing. ''growing is a pain'' in the knees, in the nodes, sore at the culms they flex we rise up acquire something... reach up, look on, look forward, let the sap rise up, open up...come on tell me something. four months… Continue reading Four stages in the sunflower fields, ten seconds manic, then calm.

wet grassland and the lowlands

Just 30cm from the water table grasses, sedges and rushes grow through rich soils. I was amazed by how the flora changed as we moved though drying soils, then again as we walked over wetter parcels. I felt a fondness to Carex Distans, in my own sensitivity more commonly known as Distant Sedge. I found… Continue reading wet grassland and the lowlands

The path edged with dog shit opened up into meadow of butterflies, it is true that sometimes you have to pass through the crap to see the glory and when you see it, it is beautiful.

the inner

Wade Marshes walking East took us through rows of arable fields, straddled over ditches, bypassing reservoirs and streams it uncovered a stunning mixture of wildlife. I was curious as I followed the perimeter of the cornfield why it faded from Gold to Green...is this something to do with the fertilizer┬áreaching these areas and thus speeding… Continue reading the inner

Butterfly Transect

It was a record day with Skippers today on my butterfly transect, a pleasent walk counted over 170 in 10 sections recording my first ever Essex Skipper as well as my first (slightly) more common Gatekeeper. A common blue was still holding on, tethered, rugged and discoloured. Marbled Whites flushed out from the folliage in… Continue reading Butterfly Transect