A few months ago an Ash tree gave up its last legs, gave into the wind and found itself suspended somewhere between the boundaries of our reserve, dealing with windblown trees is one for the experts, however this one has completely failed, not longer attached to the root and we were able to de-limb it … Continue reading ash

Dormice at Denge

About two years ago in the very dead of winter I found myself lost in Denge woods in- complex, multi-owned woodland in the heart of the Garden of England. Yesterday I returned, this time with a team of dormouse surveyors. These tiny arboreal rodents really are exciting to see, their bright colouring sets them apart … Continue reading Dormice at Denge


I took a walk in July where the land was flat and thirsty, where corn fields eeked over onto the horizon and I followed a single path right through it. I was in a space far far from the clamour of the city, electric pylons hung balefully to their neighbour and petered off into no-where- … Continue reading R E W I L D

come together

ly I feel a little apprehensive using the term naturalist, however heavily I may emphasise that I am but an amateur. There’s no real need to put label to it, to define a term that is so broad and to underline my interests that are forever growing and changing. I am and overwhelmingly so in … Continue reading come together

Four stages in the sunflower fields, ten seconds manic, then calm.

On tip toes, blossoming, reaching up, stretching. Feet flexed, running, not charging. limb increasing, growing. ”growing is a pain” in the knees, in the nodes, sore at the culms they flex we rise up acquire something… reach up, look on, look forward, let the sap rise up, open up…come on tell me something. four months … Continue reading Four stages in the sunflower fields, ten seconds manic, then calm.

The path edged with dog shit opened up into meadow of butterflies, it is true that sometimes you have to pass through the crap to see the glory and when you see it, it is beautiful. Continue reading