Butterfly Transect

It was a record day with Skippers today on my butterfly transect, a pleasent walk counted over 170 in 10 sections recording my first ever Essex Skipper as well as my first (slightly) more common Gatekeeper. A common blue was still holding on, tethered, rugged and discoloured. Marbled Whites flushed out from the folliage in double figures again hard to count them all. Total count 364.

The walk was rounded off with the Hummungbird Hawk Moth. I mean as if Hummingbird is a term we can say aloud in the UK..so exotic.

On my return I raise a thought to concerns of my enviroment; polluted governments, talks of oil, power, finance- the state of what feels to be a continual paradigm of heirachy. What I read in the papers, what feels like rascism, inequality, the promise from the rich to the plea of the poor. I look on to lush green forests, golden beaches, both shingle and sand, green patch work fields which when ploughed dissipate into colours of yellow & gold. The kingdom that surrounds me. I look out to the birds that have migrated and feel a sense of pride that they have come here, that they have made it. I see the flowers hybrids of two, no-one curses them for being different, for being authentic..I see how they all work just fine among one another, their symbiotic relationships marry them without need for offical document or the glamour of gold. I smile among them and I wish one day we might live too like the mutually equal creatures before me.


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