ordnance survey maps- nr. Reculver Kent

Sunday morning I sat at the breakfast table with an ordnance survey map and pointed to a blue square on the page –
‘I wonder what that looks like’….

The walk took us though agricultural fields, we jumped a fence and found the secret reservoir where a heron flew over head and reed warblers, invisible to the eye sung constantly.


I was so curious of the drained a dry soils of the agri fields, where there really no earth worms under there? My favourite part of the walk took us through 1/2 mile of golden corn fields into a hedge, an arbour of chestnut. I have never experienced such a stark contrast of environments as I did half blinded by the golden light of the field and half lured by the shelter of the coppice grotto. It was just beautiful as the light shed itself between the stools and it was hard to figure what exactly was shadow and what was wood. I had to take a video as words could not quite put meaning to it.

Among Small and Large Whites Meadow Brown butterflies nectared on the thistles .


The colours and dryness in the air, the light breeze confused my senses and led me to believe I was walking in a desert.


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